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New Books!

Books! I like books. Here are some books that you may like also.

  • Most exciting (as far as I’m concerned) is some long-awaited news from Cameron Stewart:

    BREAKING: Sin Titulo released in beautiful hardcover on Sept 24 from @DarkHorseComics – put $19.99 (US) aside now

    Sin Titulo, the most atmospheric, dreamlike (in the creepy and with its own odd logic sense, not the gauzy view of frolicking attractive people sense) webcomic in about forever, finally has a publication date. It was a certain purchase for those of discriminating taste, and now we know exactly when that purchase will take place, and exactly how handsome the book in question will be (very).

  • Longtime readers of this page may recall that I have a predilection for A Girl And Her Fed by K Brooke “Otter” Spangler, and may have noticed my references to her first wholly original novel, Digital Divide, which she has been selling in chunks for the past little while now. It’s great¹, it’s out in its entirety today, and it just so happens to be the seventh anniversary of AGAHF as well.

    Guys, this is a book that takes place five years in the past from the current comic storyline, you know that the protagonist is still around (’cause look, there she is in Monday’s strip) and you still end up wondering Oh crap how can she possibly survive this? It is the sort of book where a character makes a moral compromise and you send up shouting (maybe out loud, I ain’t sayin’) NOOOOO DON’T DO IT! at the page (or “screen” to be perfectly accurate, but let’s not quibble). It’s five bucks, it’s nearly 300 pages, and it’s chock-full of really clever ideas; it even features a scene that takes place inside of an ambulance which is always my chief criterion for quality literature.

  • Speaking of books presented as electrons, there is a preview of Ryan North’s Poor Yorick (the bonus prequel to Choose Your Own Hamlet that was unlocked during the Kickstarter) over on the YouTubes. North’s been dealing with a construction challenge putting together the e-book version of CYOH and PY, as e-book construction kits are used to the kind of book that only goes in one path in one direction (lame!) instead of all over the damn place (neat!), leading North to create the programming to generate these books himself. What this means is that CYOH and all the ancillary items are that much closer to ending up in your (my) hands, which is several kinds of all right.
  • Finally, a very thin “book”, which is this case is actually a list of the unique names of the 9069 people that gave money to the Penny Arcade Kickstarter last year and thus get to see and hear Mike Krahulik shout their name while chasing a duck. Well, not so much shout as read off a really long list. Also, not so much chase as following around a flock of a dozen or so.

    If you’re waiting to see if the ducks get annoyed or organized, they mostly seem curious that the weird guy isn’t feeding them, keeps following them around, and talking to them — not the usual experience of farm ducks, I’d imagine. It’s all quite surreal, but honestly I prefer this to whatever proofs might be offered that Krahulik satisfied the reward for the 6258 people that pledged US$15 or more.

¹ Disclaimer #1: Otter has been passing me PDFs as each part of Digital Divide was finished. Disclaimer #2: I was a beta reader for Part IV of the novel (roughly the last 20,000 words). Disclaimer #3: I provided a foreword for the first print collection of AGAHF. Add whatever level of skepticism to my opinions to account for these interactions that you feel would be necessary.

[…] dipped her foot¹ into the world of e-self-publishing, A Girl And Her Fed creator K Brooke “Otter” Spangler has been noting some distinct […]

[…] dipped her foot¹ into the world of e-self-publishing, A Girl And Her Fed creator K Brooke “Otter” Spangler has been noting some distinct […]

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