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Challenging Day

Anytime you have to ask yourself Should I be establishing a document trail? is not the easiest of days, but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s (briefly) talk webcomics (of course) and Kickstarter (big surprise there).

  • Aaron Diaz¹ wrapped up his Kickstarter for The Tomorrow Girl last night with a few surprises:
    • He took the number two slot from Penny Arcade in the Comics section
    • He did not pass the Machine of Death game, which Diaz and David Malki ! both seemed to think would happen
    • He wound up very close to a nice round multiple of US$5000, but came up six dollars short which is the most baffling thing of all — you watch pledge totals go up and down all the time as individuals try to be the one to make a project exactly make goal² or exactly hit a round number
    • Being a generous soul, Diaz has declared that although he finished with US$534,994 he will make good on the stretch goal for US$550K (drawing all the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park according to modern scientific thought) but let’s not kid ourselves, he likes drawing dinosaurs more than he likes breathing

    Well done, Mr Diaz, and thereisnogodspeed on all those stretch goals (and dinosaurs); between this and the MoD game, Make That Thing is going to have one hell of a beta test.

  • It’s been a while since we mentioned Super Art Fight, the DC-area premiere competitive improvisatory movable art feast because honestly, we all know the drill by now. SAF shows up in a town (much like a rampaging cycle gang), takes over a bar or show venue or convention session room (again, much like a rampaging cycle gang), and proceeds to art the crap out of a bunch of large drawing boards while music blares and a play-by-play (draw-by-draw?) commentary takes place at a level of enthusiasm slightly greater than than of a match where a pair of luchadors have their masks on the line. Then they blow out of town, property damage and broken hearts in their wake. You kinda have to be there to understand it.

    Until now. [cue appropriate music]

    The best of Super Art Fight’s art (show posters, art from the Wheel of Death, original contributions from competitors) is now being collected into a … I’m sure that book is not a word sufficient to contain what’s inside the covers. Let’s go with “being collected into a” tome over on the ol’ Kickstarter. The producers of Super Art Fight would like it to be known that they are not responsible for pledgers suffering nosebleeds, temporary deafness, hysterical blindness, or mysterious pregnancies, and that if you have an art-boner that lasts more than four hours, consult a physician.

¹ Tolkien scholar par excellence and paleontology buff with the passion of every single six year old in the world taken together.

² Heck, I gave two bucks to the second Stripped Kickstarter to make it hit exactly goal. I’m not proud of that.

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