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Now Featuring Gratuitous -er Abuse

Jon Rosenberg¹ is in the midst of running a Guest Month at his comic, for the very best of reasons: knuckling down to complete a project that was Kickstarted longer ago than he’d like to admit. For the record, he is behind on that project for an even best-er of reasons: the demands on his time presented by medical circumstances that saw his wife beat the odds on a gestational syndrome that frequently claims the lives of unborn children.

Jon’s twin sons were born tiny, premature to a degree that would have meant certain death only a decade ago. Today they are adorable and healthy, but with developmental challenges that would sap 28 hours a day from people who are not also trying to maintain an independent arts career².

Where was I? Oh, yes: the muse, she is sometimes fickle when you’re trying to work out a physical therapy regimen for toddlers, which means Guest Month frees up the time to produce Goats IV: Inhuman Resources, the progress of which is now kicked into gear; all of this is right and good. However, Jon found a way to make it right-er and good-er this morning with an announcement:

Just received the Goats IV foreword, written by none other than @doctorow himself. I’m at a loss for words. It’s wonderful.

At press time, it was not determined if Cory Doctorow either wrote or delivered the foreword in question while wearing a red cape and goggles, nor if either activity was performed in/by a balloon. It is confirmed that Doctorow’s command of language is absolute:

The words “ferocious headmeat” are employed.

I for one cannot wait to see what follows those two words, and thanks to the generosity of Jon’s colleagues³, I won’t have to wait much longer.

¹ Full disclosures: Jon is almost entirely responsible for my immersion in webcomics circles, and entirely responsible for the launch of this blog. Also, he owns my soul (I got a dollar for it) and despite his general aversion to being in physical contact or even being closer to me than three postal codes, remains a very good friend.

² He is also regularly beset by idiots in social media that don’t know shit about him or his situation and feel this gives them the right to explain exactly how he is therefore wrong. Seriously, fuck those guys, and especially fuck you, guy that threatened from the far side of the globe to report Jon to child protective services because you didn’t know what the word physiatrist meant.

³ David Willis, Zach Weinersmith, David McGuire, Chris Yates, and William Tallman so far, with more to come.

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