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Mark Your Calendars

First thing that doesn’t happen very often: It looks like Holly Rowland was wrong when she said:

Sorry, @malki – I was pretty convinced you were going to hit $500K until the Veronica Mars project dropped. ;)

in reference to the Machine of Death game Kickstarter because dang, y’all, it’s up more than US$45,000 since yesterday and (as of the time of this writing) within spitting distance of a cool half-mil¹. It’s also exceeded the initial Kicktraq projection, whereas Gary’s First Law of Kicktraq Projections is they overestimate the final total by a factor of three to six².

Oh, and that “by the time I’m done eating lunch” call was obliterated; with nine hours to go, today is already the second-highest day for fundraising in the MoD game campaign, eclipsed only by yesterday. Upticks at the end aren’t unheard of, but only the true outliers exceed the totals of the first couple of days.

Second thing that doesn’t happen very often: a webcomic hits 3000 updates. In the four and a half years since I waxed rhapsodically about Irregular Webcomic hitting the 2000 mark, quite a few more webcomics have hit the multiple-thousands achievement, but it’s still pretty damn impressive. This time the new That’s A Lotta Damn Zeros Club inks another tickmark next to the name of Greg Dean, who hit 3000 strips of Real Life today, despite a toddler-driven irregular update schedule and a general eschewance of the convention circuit. Well done, Mr Dean; now get to work, you’ve got #3001 to do.

¹ It is an absolute certainty it will be over five hundred thousand before I’m done eating lunch — and I’m a fast eater, you guys. I guess in all fairness, “Webcomic Kickstarter hitting a half-million dollars” is the thing that doesn’t happen very often, but I’m giving 50-50 odds on Aaron Diaz³ hitting the mark in the next week. So yeah, Holly being incorrect is the uncommon thing in this discussion.

² Case in point: the Schlock Mercenary challenge coin Kickstarter, which is on a nice gentle glide path towards 7400% of goal, plus or minus. Based on the first day’s backing totals, I predicted a finish between 5550% and 11,100% (respectively, 1/6th and 1/3rd of the initial estimate), and it looks like we’ll land square in the middle of that range.

³ Tolkien and dinosaur scholar par excellence.

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