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Live From The Shame Hole

Out of context and mostly spoiler-free quotes from Strip Search’s first elimination:

  • What is your favorite thing about Hitler?¹
  • I know a lot of stuff is changing, are we still releasing the bats at the ten-minute mark?
  • We just need you to wait in the car.

In all seriouslness, though, I was struck by how very, very good-natured Alex and Katie were throughout what must have been one of the more stressful times in their lives, and was sorry that there had to be a winner and a loser. Also by one piece that was very, very telling about how Creators Mike & Jerry are approaching the show and the Artists:

What’s interesting is … seeing you copy my mistakes.

That’s a critique that has a lot of sting, but also a tremendous amount of potential to help an Artist improve. It may be that the most interesting part of Strip Search is seeing how all twelve contestants have upped their game in a year or so.

A Girl And Her Fed creator (and Official Fleen Fave) K. Brooke “Otter” Spangler must have had a bit of a frantic month, what with the discovery of forthcoming TV pilot based on a yet-to-be-published YA novel that bear a resemblance to her own strip (and its spin-off digital novel). Lots of people are still contacting her urging Big Dramatic Gestures and Drawing Lines In The Sand and maybe even Cutting A Bitch.

Spangler, however, did the smart thing — talked to her lawyer, made sure to establish that her work has been the earlier instance of Federal agents with chips in their heads (and dick jokes; so, so many dick jokes), and is generally going about this situation the smart way. The TV show may or may not be picked up; the YA series may or may not see print next year; the time to Release The Metaphorical Hounds is not yet here, as she outlines in an interview at Altergamer on copyright and IP in the modern world. It’s a good set of questions/answers, and an even better example of how to be a grown-up in the age of the internet.

¹ For anybody that ever gets asked that Hitler question? Your go-to answer should be He’s dead.

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