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Don’t worry, the math is mostly philosophical in nature.

  • So if you haven’t seen the newest¹ episode of Strip Search, be aware that winning a challenge carries with it a twist that made me suspect that Robert Khoo, et. al., had finally given into their supervillain destiny. At least, the ratio of Good:Evil is dropping somewhat precipitously

    In case I had any doubts, I saw the list of PAXEast Omeganuats and certain names jumped out at me from the list of 32 names:

    Casey Carper
    Norwood Carper

    Harry Hayes
    Dylan Hayes

    Caleb Thompson
    Amanda Thompson
    Chelsea Thompson

    Okay “Thompson” and even “Hayes” are reasonably common surnames, but “Carper”? Are the Omegathon gamemakers (why, that would also involve Mr Khoo) choosing family members to compete against each other? Better start looking for extinct volcanoes in Lair Monthly, Robert, you’ll need one for when you make the call to threaten the UN.

  • Speaking of updates today, Evan Dahm’s Vattu hit 400 pages, and as near as I can tell, we’re still somewhere in Act I. Best guess, we are maybe twenty percent of the way through the story as a whole, which is taking as much time as it needs. Heck, for the past 100 pages or so, Vattu herself has been a supporting player in her own story as Junti and the mysterious Surin alchemist enclave and their even more mysterious “unweight” have been the recent focus.

    Not that I am complaining! I would read a thousand pages about Junti and her curiosity about unweight² and its ratio³ that leads to balance. She (and goodness, so many primary characters in Vattu are female, including seemingly all of the Surin) is possessed of that most dangerous of all qualities in a place dedicated to balance: curiosity. Combined with Vattu’s drive it could change face of Overside.

  • No ratio (unless you’re counting alcohol by volume), but today’s Questionable Content made me snerk out loud, particularly the title. Also, let’s not overlook the fact that the word whisky is derived from the Gaelic for water of life which would be entirely appropriate as it appears that Claire is now a Reverend Mother. Honestly, no book could ever inspire more nerdery than Dune.

¹ And longest, clocking in at more than 20 minutes. The earlier estimates of approximately 9 hours total running time may no longer be valid.

² We know it’s a refinement of a naturally-occurring substance, but why have no other people learned to distill it? It’s a luxury good for its coloration, its flavor, and possibly drug-like properties? Oh, yeah, and the fact that it defies gravity without violating the suspension of disbelief. Honestly, the Junti portions of Vattu remind me of nothing so much as H. Beam Piper’s Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen and its story of a world where gunpowder was a semi-sacred, entirely secret concoction.

³ It’s at least 12:1, assuming that “weight” is a standard reference substance.

Today’s stripsearch was great. Made me want to take back what I said about the first episode. I won’t, but it made me want to.

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