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February, Wooo!

Feeling somewhat less insane today. Dunno what was up with that. Hey, is that a copy of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff? I gotta get on reading that!

¹ Warning: features photos illustrating North’s fetish for oddly spherical dinosaurs crushing Admiral Ackbars. It’s kinda out there?

If it turns out that this is the only comment in the running, I will demand that you donate the copy to the nearest library that needs it.

My friend–we’ll call her M, because it’s her first initial–is in grad school for library science. She is amazing on the YA front, but she doesn’t read Johnny Wander (even though one of the most amazing things about it is how easy it is to recommend to younger folks).

It’s actually really hard to get her to start any webcomic with a significant archive: she’s a grad student, she spends more than enough time in front of a computer. But put a book in front of her, and she will devour it (and pass it along!).

The subject matter of JW–thrift stores and coffee and kitchen madness and communal living and irrational exuberance over household items–tends to be right up her alley, and she’s even been known to dress like Miss Cecilia (minus the skeleton hand).

So if M could have the book, I would be ever so happy (and it would probably help me get her into more comics, which is double excellent, as she’s a future librarian).

And if there’s a tie for best comment, please break it by counting up parenthetical statements.

I’m married to someone who needs more Wander in her life.

Pros: you could save on shipping

Cons: The comment above mine sounds like it would be a nice gift for that poster!

My friend Kimberly lives in boonies Alaska, and had her house burn down earlier this year. I’m not 100% sure she doesn’t read the strip, but JW’s delightful sense of humor is just up her alley.

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