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  • Magnolia Porter is doing some of my favorite comics right now, writing adolescent characters that feel like actual kids: friendships are made, and challenged, and there are enthusiasms and jealousies and oh yeah, a mysterious corporate conspiracy has turned parts of their bodies into giant battling monsters. Monster Pulse never loses the ability to surprise me, and after too long a time it’s getting a proper book of the first six chapters, available at your nearest Kickstarter access terminal now.

    Let me also say that I love the brevity and clarity of Porter’s pitch:

    Please help fund the first volume of Magnolia Porter’s Monster Pulse, a YA adventure comic about kids whose body parts transform into fighting monsters. Six chapters of this critically lauded series are collected in this first book.

    That’s it — it’s everything you need to know; no hype, no wild promises, just the facts. If the story hook doesn’t appeal to you after that description, it never will. While I think that Porter could have talked things up just a bit more (she’s very modest about her work), I’m not sure it would entice anybody that doesn’t want to know more about battling monsters anyway. Get it, you’ll love it.

Is Everything Fuzzy And Hazy For You, Too?

I … I’m not sure why, but it’s really hard to think co … co … coherently today. Actually, yesterday waasn’t so good either. The last time I remember my brain working right was Monday, jsut before I opened a package from ToopatosCo. I’m probably just tired.

Whi.le I’m trying to get my act together again, how about some things to look at with your eyes and see them .

  • After a pretty long hiatus (a touch more than three years, actually), Bryant Paul Johnson has given us just one more (dare I hope for more) update of Teaching Baby Paranoia, this time delving into the little-known history of Sputnik, dental conspiracies, and the shameful era of payola. Trust me, it’s the only thing that’s making sense in my head for the last couple of days.
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