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There’s Natural Childbirth Spam In The Filters; What Did You People Sign Me Up For?

Yeah, no way I’m giving you a photo of that. You’re welcome.

  • From the long-awaited good news desk, Lore Sjöberg has a reliable web presence again. It’s coming up on two years since some [suitably angry adjective] spammers decided to jack Sjöberg’s main domain (the sadly still-offline, taking down much of his related sites. And then his hosting company offered him a new site that came pre-compromised by spammers.

    Yep, in between the time they said, Okay, here’s the server credentials, go crazy and Sjöberg logging in for the first time, hackers had already made their presence known. And, if I recall correctly, the hosting company decided the proper remedy for this was not to give back his money because it’s clear that their product can never be trusted, but to rather extend a billing credit and insist he use their clearly-untrustworthy hardware. Man, screw those guys.

    About ten months ago, Lore managed to resurrect his previous awesome site of awesome things, The Brunching Shuttlecocks, so at least we again had access to his creations of the pre-Lungfish era. A week later, he managed a partial reconstruction of his most recent site, Bad Gods, and earlier today he announced that’s it’s back in a form that merits his satisfaction and available for your perusal, so peruse. Peruse, damn you!

    Really, all of this is just an excuse for me to point you towards some fairly neat content-bending that Sjöberg’s done, where if you search for something that was original presented in many parts, it gets knit together as a single page:

    First off, I realized that whenever possible a continuous narrative should be displayed in a single page. The impetus for this was realizing that Wikipedia has some truly massive articles, but they’re presented in a single page, and nobody complains about that. So my expectation is that putting a major Sean and Wormwood arc all on one page probably won’t bother people. Certainly it will bother fewer people than having to click “next” over and over would.

    The key words being continuous narrative; search for “Sean” at the new Bad Gods and you’ll get the option to scroll between the multipart Sean and Wormwood, The Friendly Satanists stories. But if you wanted to search for the Monster Manual Comix or Lore Brand Comics, they’ll be one to a page, since they’re all oneshots. Tragically, the Bandwidth Theatre shorts appear to be searchable only by individual name, so it’s a good thing there’s a list of them over at the Brunching site¹.

    But! The new Bad Gods is nothing if not an experiment in user interaction, and I have little to no doubt that Sjöberg will be continuing to tweak and refine and make it easier for people to find things. It’s sorta what he does.

  • Also worth noting today: our friends at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco have announced a new gallery show that is sure to merit the attention of anybody that’s ever found the combination of pictures and humor to be worth their time and attention. Chuck Jones: Drawing on Imagination (100 Years of an Animated Artist) runs 9 February to 5 May, with a reception to be held end-of-March-ish (details to be announced).

    Anybody creating comics or animation, or perhaps enjoying them, or maybe just sitting around and breathing at any point in the last half-century or so knows that Chuck Jones was a giant in the field, and likely a cherished memory at the very least. He was one of our great humorists, one of our great storytellers, and so very, very important in our culture. If you can possibly make it out to the city by the bay and see this exhibition, do so.

¹ And holy cow, the never-to-be-surpassed brilliance that is the depleted uranium beholder statue is twelve years old? Dang.

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