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In Better Spirits Today, Thanks

Because honestly, I could not possible have a more jaundiced view of human nature than I did yesterday. But you know what makes things better? Seeing creators succeed on the merits of their work, such as I just happened to notice Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson’s twitterfeed make a cryptical announcement to big news today, and the Benign Kingdom imprint just happened to launch a Tumblr yesterday, and just now I checked their profile at Kickstarter and heck if it doesn’t look like they’ve announced their latest creator slate:

Emily Carroll
Gigi DG
Tyson Hesse
Phil McAndrew (who surely must be feeling better than he was yesterday)

I was all impressed with myself that I maybe noticed this before any announcement, but I see that the new Benign Kingdom twitter account made an announcement eleven minutes ago, but for the record I totally found this myself. Look for an announcement of the Winter Spring 2013 collection/Kickstart in the immediate future¹.

As long as we’re on a happy kick, Joe Decie did a rather pretty fifth anniversary comic yesterday, which makes me wonder why he hasn’t done a Recipe Comix submission for Saveur. I bet that the celebratory cake in question would make for a lovely contribution; if you’re reading this Joe, drop me a line via our contact link over there to the right and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.

¹ It’s there now, added since I wrote that sentence, and already at 17 backers and nearly US$1000. Seriously, I just became the fourth person to snag a hardcover, and the campaign’s been live a whole five minutes. Oh, and it’s apparently the one year anniversary of B9’s launch, so go wish them a happy birthday with a pledge or perhaps at their brand-new storefront, yes?

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