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Quieter Day Than Yesterday

Not nearly so much going on. But you know what? That’s okay! Because we’re Young Ones. Bachelor boys. Crazy, mad, wild-eyed, big-bottomed anarchists. And now I get to find out who in my audience is as middle-aged as I am.

  • New Jellaby, courtesy of creator Kean Soo. I miss Jellaby something fierce, but as long as Keaner’s working on new stuff, I suppose we can all muddle through somehow.
  • New Dr McNinja collection, which I think I mentioned I picked up last month. To elaborate on my micro-est of reviews then, Timefist makes the extremely involved, mythology-heavy, and long-running Army of OneSpace SaversFutures Trading mega-arc much easier to follow than a page-at-a-time pace.

    Also, it has the entirely adorable Judy Gets A Kitten and the Axe Cop crossover, Stolen Pizza, Stolen Lives. As the years go by, Christopher “Doc” Hastings becomes only more madcap, somehow.

  • Speaking of Axe Cop, we now have a premiere date for the Axe Cop animated series: Saturday, 27 July, 11:00pm on FOX.
  • Kristen Siebecker, original showrunner of MoCCA Fest, and certified sommelier, is continuing her work demystifying the fruit of the vine and helping people learn to drink like grown-ups (that is, to be able to tell what’s good from what’s bad, and to get into the habits of drinking better stuff, not more stuff). Her previous iterations of the Popping Your Cork series have been noted with discount codes, and the next session is no exception.

    Those of you¹ in Manhattan on Wednesday, 30 January from 6:15pm can spend 90 minutes learning about wine that makes the winter less dreary, and this time she’s got a chef buddy coming by with tasty little nibbles to go with. Popping Your Cork: Winter Blends goes for US$25, but because you’re cool, you can use discount code FRIEND15 for a 15% discount. The fun happens at Simple Studios, 134 W 29th St (2nd floor).

¹ Of legal drinking age, naturally.

First we sow the seeds… then nature grows the seeds… then we EAT the seeds…

Also, I almost double-posted, because despite the fact that my last comment was posted, the captcha still said “incorrect. Try again.” No matter how many times I refresh, the captcha images are well-nigh incomprehensible to me.


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