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For The Love Of Glob, Do Not Give Ryan North Another US$76,308

In the most reckless stretch goal of all time, North has promised that his final stretch goals for TBONTB:ACFABRNAAWST will be:

$425,000 = another 25 books sent to libraries and schools!
$450,000 = another 25 books sent to libraries and schools! Also I will … create a pizza that looks like Hamlet and… eat it?
$475,000 = another 50 books sent to libraries and schools!
$500,000 = I will literally explode [emphasis original]

Judging from the uptick in support in the past couple of days, it appears that he just might do it. Please, people, think of Chompsky! Do not cause Ryan North to explode, if only because he is a giant of a man and the pieces would require immense cleanup .

  • You know who’s a stellar (pun intended) guy, just an amazingly wonderful representative of all the best that [web]comics offers? Dave Roman. Sometimes he gets lost in the shuffle when his wife, the fabulously talented Raina Telgemeier goes and dominates the New York Times YA bestseller lists for two or three years at a time, but just look at the stuff that Roman’s done (oftentimes with partner John Green): Jax Epoch. Teen Boat¹. Agnes Quill. Fantasy, goofball teen angst, mystery — all genres and audiences find something by Roman to call their own.

    And, as he has for some time now, Roman also brings in the youngest readers with the Sci-Fi school days adventure of Astronaut Academy, the second collection of which is rapidly approaching. This is the book I give to kids just starting to read longer books for pleasure; when they’ve outgrown it, there’s plenty more Roman to keep ’em busy. So thank you, Dave, for all your varied work, and keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Today’s reason to keep on going in an uncertain future: Tracy White’s return to webcomics:

    About to start drawing my first new comic (online only) in three years. #goodtobeback

    I’ll got out on a limb and guess you’ll be able to find the new work (as yet unnamed) at White’s main site, Traced. Given the two and a half years since How I Made It To Eighteen was released, I’ll go out on another limb and say that White’s got some stories building up just waiting to be shared with the world. Keep your eyes peeled and your hands inside the car at all times.

¹ Obligatory warning: do not ever Google the words “teen boat” without appending the word “comic(s)”, and especially not image searches. Just … just trust me on this one.

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