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Comings And Goings

Webcomics are beginning, ending, making transitions … it’s an unusually busy end-of-year timeframe, presumably because of the oncoming Blood Wave and Dogstorm and general Superpocalypse. Better get these mentioned before we all expire in terror.

  • Goodbye For those that missed the (admittedly soft) announcement, James Kochalka is ending American Elf in an orgy of dental hygiene. But at the same time, the animated SuperF*ckers is off to a good start, which brings us dangerously close to a chorus of the circle of liiiiiife, etc, so let’s just be glad we got as much of American Elf as we did, and watch to see what Kochalka does next. My guess? Something awesome.
  • Hello Scott Kurtz has been talking up the work he’s put into developing the soon-to-launch Table Titans for so long, it was easy to think of it arriving at some nebulous point in the future. Well, the future is here, kiddies, with Table Titans dropping on 28 January, with updates as needed to tell the story at a pace that best suits it. Seriously, if you haven’t listened to the latest episode of Webcomics Weekly, there’s a fascinating bit in there about how Kurtz may challenge the long-held idea that regularity trumps almost everything in webcomics — Table Titans may run a variable number of days a week depending on need, interspersing with PvP.

    It’s always interesting to watch the status quo not only get questioned, but actively experimented upon; granted, not everybody has the audience that Kurtz does, and success in such variable scheduling may be restricted to those with the most established audiences¹. Oh, and did I mention the part where Table Titans is teaming up with Wizards of the Coast to not just publish collections, but to treat the storylines as actual playable D&D adventures? That partnership, in an ongoing fashion rather than being a one-off project, looks to be the beginning of anew way of producing creative content beyond the daily strip; watch for more such expansions beyond strippery from other creators in the next couple of years.

  • Hello Again Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant was one of the prettiest, most lush webcomics on the scene when it launched in June of last year, and given that the story had (over the next nine months or so) a definite beginning, middle, and end², it was a no-brainer that its 160-odd pages would get collected into a nice, neat, print collection sooner rather than later. My only question was who would land Tony Cliff’s tale of derring-do, and it’s really no surprise who won that particular sweepstakes:

    We’re thrilled to be bringing you @TangoCharlie’s DELILAH DIRK as a graphic novel next fall, + here’s the cover!

    That would be the estimable :01 Books, for those of you that didn’t follow the link, and it is certain that they will give Cliff’s gorgeous story the treatment it deserves.

Oh, and nearly forgot: TBONTB:ACFABRNAAWST has cleared US$300,000 in its Kickstarter and thus will be in colo[u]r. I am nearly afraid to see what happens at US$400K, given a whole ten days still to go.

¹ Yes, Table Titans is new, but it’s leveraging directly off of more than a dozen years of PvP, and will bring a substantial portion of that audience on day one.

² And yes, Delilah clearly had adventures before we first saw her, and yes, it wrapped with Delilah and Selim clearly heading out for more exciting times … it was still a self-contained story.

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