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Monday Miscellany

Yeah, we got some stuff for you today, and I’d probably be more enthused about some of these ‘cept for the part where I’m working on a low-grade fever and feeling all blah. FEEL MY ENNUI, DAMN YOU ALL.

  • Anagrammatic numbers department: Minimumble strip #250 hit the same day as Maximumble strip #520. Huh.
  • Pay what you want department: The entirety of Box Brown’s Bellen is now available as a name-your-price e-book. Neat.
  • Take the money and run for the border department: Yuko and Ananth are possibly terrified, maybe appalled by how much money their Kickstarter has raised. And the total keeps going up, increasing their terror and/or appallor proportionally. If they hit US$70K, I fear one or both of them may spontaneously burst.
  • Why would you even … no, just no department: Never try to gross out Randy Milholland. Ever
  • It’s like a webcomics utility department: David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc) has decided to get out of the archive-binge non-biz (on account of it makes no money) known as Archive Binge and has turned the whole shootin’ match over to the folks at Comic Rocket to run. Comic Rocket, as you may know, is a non-evil webcomic aggregator that doesn’t piss off creators², so this makes a great deal of sense. By the way, CR are trying to fund the development of a mobile version of their reading page at IndieGoGo, which might put an end to scrapers once and for all, so give ’em a look, yeah? In the meantime, you can find Archive Binge here.

¹ Be sure to read the commentary in the bottom gutter.

² That is, make money from them by hotlinking, stripping out news/ads, or screwing with their presentations.

Thanks for the Comic Rocket shout out!

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