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More About Ryan, And Also Ryan

But before the Ryanness begins, a quick thought for a friend: Happy Two Yeariversary, Ro.¹

So! Ryans! Ryan North, that is, as the Kickstarter for TBONTB:ACFABRNAAWST has cleared US$200,000 (or 1000% of goal) and thus will have a live-action, internet-path-choosing stage adaptation in Busan, Korea, courtesy of Ryan Estrada:

To Be Or Not To Be: The Play Of The Book Of The Play. Shakespeare in Busan is going to transforming this book into a stage performance in South Korea as an incredible improvised play. AND since people all over the world are supporting this project, the performance will be livestreamed worldwide, and when a choice comes up, the entire internet will be able to vote. The play will be directed by webcartoonist and Machine of Death author Ryan Estrada. He feels sorry for his poor stage manager who has to have sets and props ready for thousand of scenes that you might not even choose, but HE KNEW THE RISKS.

Is it insane? ARE WE ALL LITERALLY INSANE?? It is impossible to tell.

Piling on top of that good news, The AV Club loved the heck out of North’s Adventure Time #10 (the choosable-path issue, coincidence!?) and also Meredith Gran’s Marceline and the Scream Queens. Meredith is, the last time I checked, not a Ryan, but reciprocally neither is Ryan a Meredith. They’re all doing terrific work, though, and that’s a cheering thought to take with you to the weekend. See you on Monday.

¹ Although what’s with all the RTL text on the archive page, Randall? Jeeze.

Ah! Awesome. Being the conscientious geek that he is, Randall put an actual right-to-left override in the comic title… followed by the characters LTR, in that order. We only see the title as being RTL (it’s kinda hard to show: even raw, non-formatted text tools may fail you, try instead “curl | less” in your favorite Unix, or do a page search for LTR in your browser).

What he apparently did not plan for however is that different browsers end up behaving differently when confronted with a RTL override (I can’t even say that they “handle” it differently, as they don’t so much “handle” it as “pass it off without paying attention to the text rendering routines which do handle it”, and the different behaviors are pretty much an artifact of how browsers call these routines). Opera seems to be the only one that will remain in RTL mode even after a , while Safari will remain in RTL past a closing tag but not past a , and Firefox will only be in RTL until the next closing tag. An even more conscientious geek will, therefore, add a LTR override or reset or whatever after the LTR characters to revert back the text renderer to its proper state.

See also: TDWTF forums tag cloud.

*sigh*. In my comment above, substitute “a <br/>,” for “a ,”…

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