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Post Holiday Brief Post

Two quick items for you today, and it’s not like any of you aren’t suffering from pie coma anyway.

  • Thanks to a couple of classes on optical engineering back in my college days, I know a bit about the additive nature of color, but I never really understood how artists see it; enter a nice primer on color (or colour, if you prefer) theory from the artist’s perspective, which I found nicely informative and I hope you do, too.
  • Weirdly, Brad Guigar does not entirely depend on punnery for humor (or humour, if you prefer), which was demonstrated when he did a stand-up comedy set back in the springtime. For anybody that got to listen to the recording¹, Guigar’s brad-up comedic stylings are very old school — he’d have killed in the Catskills if only his name were “Shecky”.

    In any event, Brad’s heading back to the microphone and bare stage, and you can check him out yourself if you’re in Philadelphia on Sunday, 9 December. The Bradster will hit the stage of the Helium Comedy Club² at 7:30pm, and please remember to tip your waitress.

¹ Or watch the video, here.

² Try the veal.

I thought Brad did very well with his stand up gig. I laughed out loud a few times and grinned even more.

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