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Special Update: How I Spent My Thanksgiving

Look what Chris Yates went and lasered¹ up for me!

In all, Aperture #26 is three layers deep, and I haven’t had the courage to spill it out and try to assemble it. Also, it’s just too pretty to disturb yet. Also also, Chris and Assistant Emily threw in a bunch of art extras because they are awesome dudes.

Quick note: there are some photographic artifacts due to the transparent nature of the material and our old friend, compound interest refraction: the outside vertical edges really do line up, and the signature is not really smeary like it appears in the image.

In conclusion, the Pilgrims ate well at the first Thanksgiving because of Squanto and they survived the boredom of that first winter with clear Baffler!s from Chris Yates Studios. The End.
¹ It is too a verb, shut up.

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