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Things I Am Enjoying Right About Now¹

It is nearly the weekend; a somewhat vexing obstacle at work has been resolved; next week will feature pie; my dog’s insides are not nearly so poisonous as they were yesterday. There’s a few things from webcomics, too.

  • One of the ways I judge the reach of creators is by noting when they intersect with people I know from outside webcomics. Thus, the EMT student wearing the Bearmonster shirt (who got surprised with a Jeph Jacques sketch and who actually head-desked in surprise), the niece asking Zach Weinersmith for rules clarifications on an in-comic tabletop game, and the friend of 20 years casually remarking that nothing brightens his day like Anthony Clark’s twitterfeed.

    That day-brightening effect is a fairly widespread opinion, and it is also empirically observable (at least to me) that Clark is pretty much the Most Beloved Guy in Webcomics. Thus, the tremendous outpouring of good wishes yesterday — his 30th birthday — culminating in multiple life retrospectives for all to enjoy. If you didn’t get a chance to wish Clark happy returns yesterday, there’s no time like the present.

  • Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was also the birthday of Greg Dean’s Real Life Comics which is now an actual teenager on the internet, holy crap. Need proof? Here you go, Sparky. And not a birthday per se, more a rebirth, as Brad Guigar (who likely does not remember being 13, or even 30, on account of his advanced age²) announced the return of Courting Disaster from hiatus, and did so with a bang³.

    In CD’s run, there’ve been questions about dating, sexual etiquette, slut-shaming, embarrassment, infidelity, happy funtime toys, intrusive relatives, and more, but to celebrate the resumption Guigar went straight to the sine qua non of sex-advice columns: the three-way. HOT, and almost like he’s trying to generate attention for the strip just as it returns from break! Also, as if my calculations are correct, Brad’s getting to the point of having to have “The Talk” with his sons, which means he can just drop ’em in front of the CD archives and tell them to start clicking, then check in with him if there are any questions. CONVENIENT. True, this course is possibly not recommended by experts, but let’s let him have this one.

¹ If we allow “now” to include “memories of last night”: My bartender invents amazing drinks.

² Which happens to be a full year and a half younger than me, sigh.

³ I’m so, so sorry.

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