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It’s Randy-Centric

I guess given how long I’ve been doing this¹ and how much I’ve written², I suppose it was inevitable that one day would events would conspire to suggest the theme “Randy”.

  • First up, the Toonseum continues to have some of the most aggressively eclectic programming of any museum I’ve ever heard of (remember their collaboration with the Musuem of Uncut Funk?), and are continuing that tradition on Saturday, 1 December with the Kids Christmas Cartoonfest. Holiday special episodes³ run from noon, there’s a singalong at 4:30, crafts all day, storytelling, and Santa. Five bucks per person.

    So how does this fit into the “Randy” theme? Because the special guest for the afternoon will be actor Ian Petrella who appeared in A Christmas Story as … Randy! Oh, stop acting all disappointed that it isn’t Ralphie, you’ll still buy a ticket for the Red Ryder BB Rifle raffle.

  • Secondly,and more Randy-oriented, Uncle Randy has a present for you. I believe that I’m on record as greatly admiring all the comics by Randy Milholland, but I’m especially taken by the (approximately annual) Super Stupor comics, as they take up stray strands from the (very occasional) Super Stupor online comics and spin them out to wonderful stories that really make cape comics appealing.

    Seriously, I’ve enjoyed Super Stupor #1-4 more than any superhero comic from the big publishers in maybe ten years because Milholland does more to make me care about characters in a one-shot issue than the past seven decades of neverending same-old interspersed with continuous EVENTS! THAT! CHANGE! EVERYTHING!

    It’s been long enough since Super Stupor #4 that I was wondering if #5 was ever coming along when lo and behold: yesterday Milholland dropped the first page of what would have been issue #5, but instead he’s decided to post online for free.

    Which means two things:

    1. Come back to the Super Stupor site for the next, I’ma say twenty days or so, and enjoy the story. Based on this first page, it doesn’t appear that Milholland’s using his established characters to the same degree as previous issues, so if you don’t know who Toy Boy, Punchline, Arch-Angela, Rumble Bee, Eye-Sore, or Big Killhuna are, you’ll do just fine.
    2. I need to get in touch with Randy and find out how much he wants for the art of this first page (and here I thought I’d never want a drawing of Mitt Romney in my home). If you enjoy the story, you might want to buy a little something from him, too.

¹ Going on seven years.

² Goodness, if I skip Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, I’ll round out this year with 2000 posts; I wonder how many words that comes to.

³ Oh man maybe they’ll have A Christmas Special featuring He-Man and She-Ra! Or — dare I hope? — The Star Wars Holiday Special featuring an especially coked-out Carrie Fisher and Bea Arthur!

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