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Hey Kids, Miss Me?

Power’s back, town’s not too badly off¹. Going to catch up on everything that happened this week and see you all on Monday.

In the meantime, if you know of creators in the swath of the superstorm, this might be a good time to throw some commerce their way; if you’ve already done so, please be patient regarding any delivery delays. Me, I’m gonna spend some time tomorrow dropping some money at Wild Pig Comicswho were to be hosting a webcomics multicreator signing this weekend — since everybody needs commerce to kick back in and I needs me some funnybooks after the past four days.

Speaking of kicking, if any of you know Michael “Heckuva Job” Brown, feel free to give him a right good kicking on my behalf for his incredibly stupid comments of the past few days. Yes, “Brownie”, the people of New York are dependent on electricity-based “modern conveniences” like ventilators and oxygen concentrators; part of what I’ve been doing in my town for the past few days is sharing our supply of O2 cylinders with people who would die without them. Ass.

PS: Anybody that knows me in the Central NJ area that needs someplace to plug in a device or a hot shower, call.

¹ Although there’s probably 40 families here in my town of 13,000 with various degrees of trees into their homes; some will require repair, some will have to be demolished. As bad as it is, we got off lucky.

I think that signing was cancelled due to the storm :(

Yeah, the signing got canceled. I think we’re going to try to reschedule sometime in December, but we’ll be keeping everyone posted.

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