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The Hurricane Rages, But At Least Sexism Is Over!

Strong Female Characters.

Power and internet still holding, yay. Hopefully you (yes, you personally, not the vast, impersonal, generic “you”) are safe and dry and well. What happened over the weekend before Sandy decided to draw a bead on the Mid-Atlantic coast?

  • Several neat bits from Meredith Gran, as she took a look back on her process of writing and how she relates to her characters that should be mandatory reading for anybody that does a story-type strip. She’s also started sharing the webcomics made by her students at SVA, with the first two showing loads of potential. Look for more from her along those lines in the near future. In the meantime, give a good look to Post Hoc by Wyeth Yates and The Bell Blues by Aatmaja Pandya.
  • Speaking of “Yates”, Chris Yates (no relation) has just released the first-ever transparent Baffler!s for sale and oh man they are tasty. Only 50 total will be for sale right now (the remaining 50 next year), 25 each of the completely transparent and “First Frost” (with random transparent and opaque paint splatters). Actually, 25 of the completely clear and 24 of the First Frost on account of I just bought one¹. Clear Baffler!s are so awesome, they get their own store page.
  • Know who this page hasn’t mentioned in far too long? Rebecca Clements; she’s been on an extended sabbatical from comics, but now she’s back and cranking up the pretty pictures to near-dangerous levels. First up: an enormous summation of what she’s been up for for the past year (living and working in Japan), offering up prints of her best comics, as well as a few originals. If you appreciate the most whimsical art this side of the late Theodore Geisel would do well to welcome Clements back and hope that they can keep up with her renewed burst of creativity.

¹ Booyah.

Rebecca wasn’t TOTALLY gone from comics! She wrote a Whole Story strip! But it’s super exciting to see her back to drawing!

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