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Happy Thousand-And-A-Half Strippiversary, Danielle!

1500 strips at Girls With Slingshots. Woo!

  • Dave Kellett dropped a comment on yesterday’s post disclaiming the words about having to be fired by thousands of readers, thinking perhaps that it was Rich Stevens. I decided to go through my listings for particular words o’ wisdom and match them up with known sources:
    “People die of exposure” — Stevens
    Anything to do with a “liminal state” — Kellett
    On how to make a good webcomic, “Don’t suck; if you do suck, stop sucking as quickly as possible” — either Matt Boyd or Greg Dean, I forget which (but I totally used the quote when moderating a panel at the first NEWW, so if you think that was me, it wasn’t)

    Any others that you would add to the list of Webcomics Wisdom?

  • Per the twitterfeed of the fighteningly-talented Kazu Kibuishi, a recommendation for a Kickstarter campaign for you:

    @gagnemichel is one of my favorite people on the planet. And this project will be amazing like everything he does.

    For those of you unused to following the advice of talented people like Kibuishi¹, that project is for a short film based on Michel Gagné’s Rex, which was pretty much guaranteed to be the most charming and adorable part of any of the Flight anthologies. The goal is extremely modest (only US$15,000), and Gagné has been a professional animator for longer than many of you have been alive, so if there’s anybody that knows what a film meeting his vision should cost in terms of time/effort/money, it’s him.

  • Holy crap, somebody let Chris Yates have access to an acrylic-cutting laser and he’s produced a transparent Baffler!. Most encouraging thing? That little inscription that notes the photo is “00/100”, presumably a prototype of something I’m going to have to get this holiday season.

¹ Speaking of Kibuishi, I realize that I have yet to review Amulet 5 and it’s no longer really a timely thing — suffice it to say it is as impressive and engaging as the first four, delving into some serious darkness, and making me wonder if the Big Bad’s Assistant has fallen so far (despite the best intentions at the start) that he cannot be redeemed. We’re only at the halfway point, folks.

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