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The Truest Alt-Text In History

Now it’s just like you were there!

Okay, quick post today, but you got like 1100 words of organizational analysis yesterday so it’s all good.

Everybody knows about the Humble Bundles, right? Buy a package of videogames (most of the iterations going back to 2010), music (once, earlier this year), or books (going on now), DRM-free, and the proceeds go to charity? The name-your-own-price feature (with more content unlocked if you exceed the average price already paid by everybody else, which is a moving target) was so effectively popular that Ryan Estrada borrowed it for The Whole Story comics collection back in June. In a case of great minds thinking alike, the Humble Bundlers yesterday added webcomics to the currently-running e-book bundle.

So if you’re a fan of Randall Munroe, Zach Weinersmith, or Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins, you can get a total of five of their comic collections, along with eight novels from the likes of Gaiman, Scalzi, Lackey, and Doctorow, for the low-low price of (as of this writing) US$13.48. The interesting thing is, that average price has gone up by more than a dollar since yesterday when the comics collections were first added. So you’ve got about six days to get on that, internet.

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