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Meanwhile, At Stately TopatoCo Manor

For those that follow this page to an unhealthy degree (hi, Mom), there was no post on Friday due to traveling, but today is two different holidays in the US and Canada and I’m totally allowed to take off from writing but I am here making up Friday because I love you people.

The reason I was traveling on Friday was to attend a wedding, but that doesn’t do it sufficient justice. Much like how Sherlock Holmes would only refer to Irene Adler as the woman, there is every evidence that this should be forever known as the wedding. In fact, you can all stop getting married now, as there is no chance that you will have more than one of these things at your wedding, much less all of them:

These are things that happened, and they will not happen again; it was an organic, spontaneous, joyous celebration that will never be equaled. Holly, Jeffrey, you win at getting married, so said we all.

¹ Citation needed.

² Long live the Queen/Livre le Québec libre.

³ As opposed to grown ass-people.

4 Agent Paperklip and I accidentally made something delicious. As this happened hard on the heels of a conversation about Tumblr, we named this concoction The Apple Privilege:

In a champagne flute, build:
1 part apple cider
1 part prosecco

Garnish grated nutmeg, tears of the oppressed.

wait, that’s a cocktail? Shit I’ve just been calling it ‘leftovers’.

Thanks Gary, that was way sweet. I’m so glad you guys could be here!

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