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Somewhere Between Learning About Trauma And Burn MCIs¹

Hey, everybody. Getting in some EMT training today, so I’ve got limited time and limited net access. Here’s something even more exciting than the stuff I’m learning about — details on Kris Straub’s new comic:

I’ve been a little nervous to start my next series. Chainsawsuit is doing well, but I have a need to tell stories.

The first strip of my new series, Broodhollow, will go up October 8th. Set in the 1930s, Broodhollow is a cosmic horror adventure — imagine if Tintin went to Innsmouth. It’ll be full-color double-size strips, three times a week, updating Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Broodhollow is a sister city of Ichor Falls, the haunted town setting of my horror fiction, as well as the site that gave rise to Candle Cove. I thought about actually setting the new series in Ichor Falls itself, but I think that would have bound me too much to its established oppressive tone. There will be a little crossover, although Broodhollow is a different city altogether, very bright and inviting at first glance. There’s a reason to want to be there. But the scary parts will hopefully be genuinely unsettling in the style of H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Stephen King, all the writers I appreciate. Never gory or slasher-y, but a sense of building dread that accompanies the unknown.

I also am working on it in terms of “chapters,” which can really be considered books. The first book will be between 60 and 80 strips, and it’ll tell a finished story. Enough to print as a stand-alone book. If there’s excitement about it, then I’ll do a second book. I told the story in Starslip very soap-opera, very seat-of-my-pants. I want everything in this series to cohere, to fit, to have been planned from the beginning.

Straub’s various Ichor Falls creations have been among the more disturbing media I’ve ever consumed willingly. This is gonna be creepy in the best possible way.

¹ Mass Casualty Incidents; burns are bad, MCIs are bad, and burn MCIs are the the worst. Consider: there are fewer than 1900 burn beds in the entire United States, and that is an overwhelming majority of the burn beds on the planet. So don’t play with matches and for glob’s sake, never smoke around an ambulance because it’s carrying enough oxygen to roast a bus.

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