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I Declare This To Be Cool Books Day

You get to do that when you’re an unpaid internet opinion-monger, you know. Even though nobody has to actually honor the Day in question, I have a feeling that you’ll be willing to do so in this case¹ because the books in question are very cool.

Today is the release date for both Hope Larson’s A Wrinkle in Time (The Graphic Novel) and Mark Siegel’s Sailor Twain (or, The Mermaid in the Hudson), both of which have earned your attention and time. But Gary, I hear you cry, I am of but limited means and cannot afford to obtain both books for myself, what should I do? Look, you can sell plasma² like twice a week, just read them both and thank me later.

¹ Or “these cases”, as the case may be.

² Or do experimental drug testing, or sell organs. Whatever.

³ Sitting at US$2.07 million and just about 48 hours exactly to go as I’m writing this; final prediction: US$2.3 million +/- US$100K depending on whether or not the end-of-campaign bounce materializes. It usually manifests in the last week of a campaign, but this one has been atypical in so many ways.

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