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Spooky Monsters

Boo! Did I startle you? No? Well, it’s good that you have a stout heart, as today is full of scarifying scares that are very scary. Boo.

¹ Per Spike, the title is taken from a piece by Goya entitled The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. Creepy, but I always was more of a Hieronymus Bosch man myself; standing before his magnificent Last Judgement in the Groeningemuseum you simply cannot look at the center panel and not take away deep meaning. For me, the principal lesson was Screw not with the bunnies of the Apocalypse. Don’t even get me started on The Garden of Earthly Delights Heck of a weirdo, ol’ Jerry B.

² Okay, not that spooky, but c’mon, it’s Guigar. PS: Boo.a href=

How did I not know there was a until now?

There’s some debate as to what the Starbucks Logo is. There official announcement is that it’s a siren:

But if you read the explanation, they’re talking about a twin-tailed woodcutting of Norse descent being the inspiration.
Sirens have legs.
So while Starbucks “thinks” it’s a mermaid that has two tails and is somehow called a Siren, it’s actually a Melusine:

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