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Scramble Mode, Go!

Guh, work just threw me for a loop, so this is gonna be quick.

  • Okay, I missed an anniversary, but to be fair, so did the creators. Today’s Not Invented Here featured a note from co-creator Bill Barnes noting that NIH is now three years old. A quick click back to the first strip shows it was actually on the 21st of September, making today the 1,102nd dayiversary for Barnes, Paul Southworth, and Jeff Zugale. Congrats, guys, and here’s to 1,102 days more.
  • Also missed by a couple of days (only three this time, and fortunately Heidi Mac caught it): the launch of a new webcomic that will be worth your attention. Longtime readers of this page know that I usually don’t make recommendations on brand-new strips, but there are some reasons to vary from that caution, particularly with established creators. And truthfully, it’s hard to be more established than Faith Erin Hicks, especially when the webcomic in question is her next serialize-online-print-when-done project, in conjunction with first-time writer Prudence Shen.

    Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong has 20 pages up already, has set about three different plotlines in motion, and given us a clear insight into the personalities of about six different characters without anything feeling forced or rushed. Daily updates start on Monday, and I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that we all end up liking this at least as much as Friends With Boys¹, on account of :01 Books (who are hosting NCPGW in webcomic form and publishing in book form in May 2013) don’t associate themselves with junk, yo.

  • Finally, only a day behind: there’s a new website design up for The Beat, and it’s pretty awesome. Everybody take a look and tell Heidi I sent you.

¹ And if you didn’t like Friends With Boys, what happened in your past that rendered you incapable of liking good things?

Thanks for the links and kind words!

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