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Another Day, Another Massively Successful Kickstartering

A’course, it’s not really a surprise when the product is shot through with eye-meltingly gorgeous Becky Dreistadt¹ as The Bear just so happens to be. It also doesn’t hurt that the project is driven by comics impresario Ryan Sohmer, who is caught bein’ all sincere in the intro video; heck, that previously-suppressed side of Sohmer was probably worth another US$40-50K of the total.

Anywho, thanks to the support of people buying multiple copies (I know I’ve got holiday gifts for new parents covered for a while), there’s a mountain of bonuses in the pipeline, including prints, wallpapers, greeting cards, bookmarks, dust jackets, Becky signatures (by my count, nearly 3350 books need signing), and a 0.04% chance of walking away with a Dreistadt original. Extra special thanks to everybody that made that last stretch goal possible, as a 0.04% chance of a Dreistadt original is 0.04% more than the number of Dreistadt originals I have presently.

¹ Speaking of whom, she’s also half of her usual Becky and Frank pairing in a seven-page backup story in the latest issue of Adventure Time, out today.

² I did that once on a recruiting trip and man, it’s awesome.

³ Read: snacks and booze.

Every year I almost forget about MICE until your reminder. Even though it’s in my town! Thanks Gary!

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