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For anybody that’s ever wanted to talk about a creator’s newest work and and put a career in perspective at the same time, there’s adequate writing and there’s sublime¹ writing. A stellar example of the latter dropped yesterday from the highly capable FILM CRIT HULK², talking about Hope Larson, by way of discussing A Wrinkle In Time. If you’ve ever wanted to feel humble about a public hobby as an opinion-slinger, consider that you’ll never be as good as a fictional radioactive ragebeast³, not that I would know anything about that.

  • WE’RE DOWN TO THE whoops sorry. We’re down to the last five days of Operation: Let’s Build A Goddamn Tesla Museum, and O:LBAGTM frontman Matthew Inman decided to sweeten the rewards structure a little. As of this writing, twelve of the miniature Tesla Coils are still available, and remain one of the coolest, most mischief-potentialled tchotchkes ever offered up in a crowdfunding endeavour. Oh, and it should also be noted that said offer coincided with Inman’s 30th birthday, so Happy Birthday to him a day late, and also to Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik today; Christmas in September, indeed.
  • Perennial blog favorite Scott C had a big to-do in LA last week for the upcoming Great Showdowns book, and it went well. In and around his west coast time, Mr C hung out with the author of the foreword of said book, a moderately well-known magician and professional society officer by the name of Harris at his day job. While this particular workplace has a history of being kind to webcomickers, this particular visit went a bit above and beyond as Mr C found himself pitching in on the job. When “day job” equals “starring on a primetime sitcom”, these sorts of things just happen, I guess.
  • Speaking of primetime sitcoms, it’s probably about the only medium that Steve Troop hasn’t tried to conquer (yet) in his quest to bring Melonpool to all people, everywhere. The comics end of things are a means to an end, with puppets being where it’s at through all those permutations. Troop’s been pointing those puppets in the direction of movie-making for more than a year of development now, and is moving onto the next stages:

    For the last two years, the creator of one of the first webcomics has put down his pens in favor of bringing his sci-fi puppets to the big screen. In the last few weeks, a successful Kickstarter campaign has made this dream a reality.

    Melonpool: The Motion Picture is slated to start filming in February 2013. The feature-length film tells the story of Mayberry Melonpool, the sci-fi addicted captain of a spaceship full of misfits who must pull together to save the universe from a seemingly unstoppable foe — if they don’t kill one another first.

    Best of luck to Troop, and don’t turn your back on those puppets — they look like troublemakers.

¹ If somewhat shouty.

² The boldface is mandatory, I feel.

³ Seriously, the finest piece of film writing I’ve ever seen was FILM CRIT HULK’s 7000 word dissection of Eat, Pray, Love. Me, I would have just repeated EAT PRAY LOVE MAKE HULK WANT SMASH 1000 times.

heads up: your direct tesla link is funky , should be

Fixed, thanks.

I was skeptical about that FILM CRIT HULK essay, and it’s definitely not the best piece of film criticism I’ve ever read (something that long, for one, should not be written in Hulk’s voice, or in all capitals)… but still, pretty good.

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