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Internet, You Disappoint Me

It has been some hours now since Ryan North updated Dinosaur Comics with today’s strip (I am judging here by the timestamp in the RSS feed at 8:07 EDT) and there is still not a Twitter account by the name of doctor_weedfart_haver_420¹. I would have expected one by now! Okay, granted, there is somebody now going by @doctorweed420, but I think that we can all agree that’s just not close enough.

In short, slow day, or maybe not; I’m a bit behind due to some rather extensive funerary circumstances over the weekend, and I must say that both Ryan and @doctorweed420 have done a great deal to cheer me up today, so thanks for that. Back to the usual tomorrow.

¹ Nor doctor_weed-fart_haver_420, assuming that the hyphen was significant and not just indicating continuation across a linebreak.

Twitter states, “Your username can contain up to 15 characters.”

doctor_weed-fart_haver_420 is 26 characters (including the hyphen)

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