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Breaking News: Webcomicker Known For Absurdist Work Posts Absurd Statements, Is Taken Entirely Seriously

Seriously, internet, you need to refine your personal index of suspicion when something potentially outrageous comes across your screen. Take a breath. Consider the source. Ask yourself, Is it possible that maybe this isn’t meant to be taken seriously? And think twice before you decide to make with the complaints and virtual lynch mobs because, well … yeah.

  • Let’s talk about something more pleasant, shall we? As noted yesterday, the Hour of Truth is rapidly approaching for R Stevens, and you can follow along his own personal Grand Guignol online. If anybody has access to an emergency services scanner in the Easthampton area, maybe listen for dispatches¹ and let us all know if things go wobbly? Time to smoky, salty, delicious danger is (as of posting), approximately 22 minutes.
  • The New York Comic Con is in three weeks, and they’ve done us the service of listing programming, albeit in a pretty inconvenient format. I’ve gone combing through for sessions that are related to webcomickry in general, and have found the following for you; please note that times and locations are subject to change.

    Thursday, 11 October
    Surviving the Public (Unshelved)
    12:00-1:00pm, Room 1A08

    Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum of Unshelved get things off to an early start on Press/Pros/VIPs day, before the show floor opens even, with a keynote on customer service (library focused, naturally) and the immutable truth known to anybody that’s ever dealt with the public: the customer is seldom right.

    Friday, 12 October
    Webcomics – From Hobby to Business
    6:30–7:30pm, Room 1A08

    If you camp out in the room long enough after Gene & Bill, you can see Ryan Sohmer and Lar de Souza recount the story of how they got to a multimedia empire from a humble start in the Canadian comics mines. Bonus: you can probably get Sohmer to talk about his personal ascent into healthy, clean living from the hell of Red Bull addiction. It’ll be like Behind the Music only without Jim Forbes narrating.

    Scott C and The Great Showdowns, from Ripley vs the Alien Queen to Han vs the Green Fellow!
    7:00–7:45pm, Unbound Stage

    Scott C gets the brand-new Great Showdowns book off to a roaring start; this one is going to be so fun you guys.

    UDON Crew: New Titles & Tributes
    7:45–8:45pm, 1A06

    Jim Zub and his studio are all over the damn place these days, what with tribute books, webcomics, licensed properties and every damn thing. The secret to this is that they, like the great and magnificent shark, never stop moving. Okay, they do sometimes (sharks, I mean), but Zub & Co don’t; come find out what they’ve got on tap next.

    Saturday, 13 October
    Kickstarter and Indie Comics!
    4:00–5:00pm, Room 1A08

    Benign Kingdom. George Rohac. Secrets of successful Kickstartering. Just remember one thing: George might teach you everything you know about Kickstarter, but he won’t teach you everything he knows.

    Sunday, 14 October
    I got nothin’.

¹ Key words to listen for: Man down, smells delicious. If they have to slap paddles on him and shout Clear!, I’ll bet he sizzles.

We got three emails

I saw your headline and thought “Oh, that’s that thing Jeph Jaques mentioned on his Tumblr! He didn’t really explain what happened since I guess he figured everyone knew. But I didn’t, so now Fleen can explain just what on earth happened.”

But you took a similar tack, assuming your audience already knew the story inside and out, and didn’t really say anything about it. That’s a bit frustrating: while a webcomics news source *could* take the tactic “my audience knows the obvious news, let’s not cover it”, that’s a little elitist and frustrating for those who would turn to you for news.

I don’t think it would annoy people to give brief summaries of “the story so far” so that the rest of us can catch up.

Was totes going to say that, Alex. You have to understand that Gary doesn’t seem himself as a news provider. He’s more of a Webcomics Pal.

Woof! Old man Kellett still doesn’t know what the hell’s going on.

No, seriously, what the fuck are you talking about? What happened? Anybody?

Hoping Fleen doesn’t turn into one of those “news for people who already know the news, because you stupid Johnny-come-latelies don’t deserve to know” scenester blogs.

[…] (Thursday for VIPs, pros, etc., Friday for everybody), and we at Fleen have mentioned some of the programming taking place, there will also be a variety of creators appearing and times and in places on the […]

[…] (Thursday for VIPs, pros, etc., Friday for everybody), and we at Fleen have mentioned some of the programming taking place, there will also be a variety of creators appearing and times and in places on the […]

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