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There Is Nothing I Hate More Than TV Productions Filming In The Office

Let’s see now — network is slowed to a crawl, electrical is intermittently going out (including lights, including in the bathrooms), PAs sniffily holding up fingers to indicate that you simply can’t go that way now, equipment accumulated in the hallways to the point that access to the fire exits is entirely theoretical at this point, and attitude thrown at my students. If it weren’t for the plentiful snack tables set up, I’d be approaching An Incident at this point. And okay, fine, I hate things like the murder of all my loved ones more, but those situations typically don’t occur at work.

So I’m behind on the details of what came out of SPX, aside from the fact that everybody seemed to be selling a mountain of stuff. I can’t give you a numbers breakdown on the latest Homestuck Kickstarter unlocked tier¹ except to note that it’s caused a pretty significant upwards tick in backing. I can tell you that Order of the Stick, Penny Arcade, and TwoKinds remain the all-time top three Kickstarter comics projects, but that’s because Homestuck is classified as a videogame. With US$1.4million and counting, Homestuck has eclipsed all other comics-related endeavours.

So come back tomorrow, hopefully the film crews will be out of here, and I’ll be able to share more, like how Raina Telgemeier has managed to snag the #1 and #2 slots on the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels, which is normally the sort of thing that requires you to be named Rowling or King or Gaiman. Everybody celebrate by getting a copy of DRAMA to go with their copy of SMILE — it’s seriously that good, and well deserving of the acclaim and sales.

¹ Although I will say: Homestuck-themed tarot deck? Genius.

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