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Pre-SPX Miscellany

Too many things I talked about on busy days all at once, instead of pacing myself; ah, well — it’s just a couple of days until every pert-near webcomicker east of the Continental Divide makes their way to Bethesda for SPX. So while you’re waiting for that, please enjoy the following:

  • PONY COP, the most adorable buddy-cop story of all time, gets the fandub treatment and it is glorious. All we need now are the pulse-pounding third and heartbreaking fourth installments in the PONY COP saga and all will be well in the world.
  • Math meets snacks.
  • She’s got your number, cat.
  • Just guessing here, but I think that the Stretchladder of the Homestuck Kickstarter will be seeing an update on the “new perk” and “???” entries soon. We’re almost certainly going to hit the US$1.25 million level by end of the day, meaning that the game will be available on a physical Homestuck-branded medium¹. If Andrew Hussie is smart (and all available evidence is that he is, very much so), a carefully-revealed tease could pump up the response and drive people to ever-higher monetary support in exchange for exactly the right reward.

    Again, just guessing, but I’m thinking that a response equivalent to that for the SNOUTPACK² (and higher tiers) with the Senator Lemonsout and Pyralspite plushies, could be achieved with the right merch. Imps? Plush cuddle-cthulhu? Bec? Highly disturbing puppets? It’s like a totem lathe card for the making of money.

¹ And if there’s one thing that Rich Stevens has taught us, it’s that custom USB drives will motivate the heck out of your reader base.

² Which has increased by another 50 slots, to 700 backers, selling out as quickly as it’s expanded.

Once it hits 1.25m, it should also pass OOTS as the highest-earning webcomic- or even comic-related Kickstarter of all time.

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