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Because Nothing Is As Awesome as Shauna And Lottie On A Pterosaur.

Nothing, I tell you!

  • Okay, maybe this, from a little before midnight (EDT) last night:


    Mister Smiley refers, naturally, to this — only the twelfth million-dollar project in Kickstarter history — which is actually accelerating the pace of pledges instead of dropping as would be usual at this point. Chalk that up to the addition of several more supporter tiers (mostly incorporating the now-legendary SNOUTPACK) in the high-dollar range and stretch goals getting revealed.

  • Two pieces of really neat comic work that’ve gone up in the past day or so that I want to recommend to you. On the one hand, Renée French’s Baby Bjornstrand is subtle, moody, spare, and plays with your head in all the right ways. Even better, it looks like it will be a continuing story!

    On the other hand, Lucy Knisley’s Vanishing Into My Head has a bright exterior, and a chewy center of memory, philosophy, identity, and the desire to be truly understood by another. They’re both top-notch examples of what can be done in comics that can’t be done elsewhere.

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