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Holiday Weekend Looms, Monday Doubtful

After all, we’ll all be spending the day reflecting on the experiences and history of the labor movement, right? Right!

But that doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to point you all at a funding campaign for the weirdest, most Freudian of all webcomics, Power Nap. What happens when you’re the one guy allergic to stay-awake pills in a world that runs 24/7? You get shunned as a freak, and your dreams start coming to life, smashin’ stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Then you get sucked into those dreams and you have no idea what the hell’s going on and nobody’s telling you anything and maybe you’re about to die because the cruel authors of your fate ¹ find all of this amusing — but this bizarre, disturbing existence you lead looks great in eye-popping color.

Thus, funding campaign. Power Nap Vol 1 will be a Euro-sized digest, 70+ pages, full color (and yowza, do they use a lot of colors), and contain the first three chapters of the ongoing story (including the one that’s presently unspooling before us). Feast your eyes on the comic if you haven’t previously, and if it’s the sort of thing you think deserves support², see if you can’t find some room on your shelf for a physical copy.

¹ That would be Maritza Campos and Bachan.

² Hint: it is.

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