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Miscellania For A Quiet Week, With Booze

Okay, seriously webcomics — time to get back to doing stuff; summer’s nearly over, kids are going back to school. Chop, chop.

Quick notes:

¹ Hyperbole? No. The oldest recipe known to exist is for beer, current thinking holds that agriculture was invented to ensure a steady supply of grain for brewing, beer sustained untold generations of people when the local water would have killed them, and provided a compact way to store calories for the winter that otherwise would have rotted away.

² Chris Stanley, holding down the bar at Catherine Lombardi; his blog may be a bit out of date, but there’s a zillion recipes for drinks and ingredients there, which you should check out. Seriously, the dude is an improvisational genius — I’ve watched him whip up custom drinks on the fly for parties of up to six, for five rounds without repeating himself. Tell him Gary sent you and he’ll treat you right; tell him Gary sent you and that you want “a Bishop Brûlée” and he’ll make you a drink that uses fire as a main ingredient.

³ This drink was tentatively named Work’s Not For Another Eleven Hours (a bit unwieldy), and there have been objections raised to the current moniker because it’s not violet colored (gentian, the main ingredient of Suze and a prominent flavor in this drink, inspired the name of gentian violet dye). Any suggestions for a better name will be much appreciated.

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