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Things To Look At And/Or Listen To

Ready for the weekend? I sure am hell of ready.

  • Thing Number One: heard while still in a waking state on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, courtesy of science correspondent Nell Greenfieldboyce, the story of an attempt to build a museum devoted to Nikola Tesla, and how by the time the story aired, the Matthew Inman-led campaign had cleared a cool million dollars. In the eight hours since crossing the megamark (as of this writing) an additional US$50,244 has been raised. Assuming a constant rate (which won’t happen, but what the hell) we’re looking at the next 37 days raising an additional five and half million dollars. With that kind of money, I’m calling for do-it-yourself deathray kits in the gift shop.
  • Thing Number Two: seen and heard this morning while somewhat more awake, David Malki ! goes sound-and-video for today’s Wondermark. It’s a little less … uplifting than the Tesla museum story, but it does follow the Malki! mystique pretty closely. That is, it makes me wonder exactly how much of it was repurposed from original material¹ as Malki ! is wont to do, and how much he created himself (he being a rather talented filmmaker). Applying methods which one has mastered in one medium to a completely different medium? That’s one of the hallmarks of genius, my friends.

¹ I’m guessing 1950s era industrial hygiene films.

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