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Let Me Share Something With You

Wanna see something pretty? Becky Dreistadt, of the eponymous Becky and Frank, has put together a new portfolio site of her best work. And the best part about it? Concept art for unannounced projects; if I told you some of the projects that these things have been designed for (and which may — Lor’ willin’ and the creek don’ rise — see the light of day in full productions after the usual development time), you’d never believe me.¹ So browse your butts over to and get to appreciating.

Wanna see something that’s simultaneously funny (ha ha) and funny (true)? We’ve mentioned French comicker Boulet previously, with respect to a 24 hour comic that has to be seen to be believed. What we didn’t mention at the time is that he also has been doing webcomics for about forever, and has more recently begun the long process of translating them into English. With a years-long archive, as you can imagine, there’s a bit of a backlog. For example, this bit of realizing that your awkward past was in your own head was originally run in March of 2008, which means that if he stopped making new work tomorrow, it would be years before we Anglophones caught up. He should have been in the blogroll before now, and today we rectify that error. Go trawl through and enjoy a comicker with a keen eye for observing life.

Wanna see something quantitatively jaw-dropping? It has been five days since we reported on Matthew Inman’s Operation: Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum, by which time the campaign itself was approximately 20 hours old. At less than a week in and 40 days still to go, O:LBaGTM is still bringing in US$1000 every fifteen minutes or so² and is closing hard on US$820,000, which means sometime before the day is out, the necessary funds to build a goddamn Tesla museum will have been raised. The only question in my mind is, how nice will the goddamn Tesla museum be? Overages have been earmarked for making things better (the US$850K goal is just to purchse the land), so with five million dollars easily within the realm of possibility, the answer is likely to be “pretty goddamn nice”. I’m holding out for decorative Tesla coils in the bathrooms, at least until somebody discovers that fluids are a good conductor and they have to turn them off. Wusses.

¹ I was originally going to word that more rudely, but I’ll never be able to have the facility with casual blasphemy that Lore has, so why bother?

² Based on a thoroughly unscientific process of me refreshing the page every few minutes.

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