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From Now On, Matthew Inman Is In Charge Of Operation Names

I mean, webcomics has had some fairly good ones, like Operation Kill The Bad Guys And Take Back Our Library or Operation Freedom Showers, but it’s tough to beat Operation Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum.

Inman’s love for Nikola Tesla is well-documented, and he had turned his famously effective ability to whip up a cash-generating frenzy to the goal of, well, building a goddamn Tesla museum. So what’s new?

Mostly, the intake rate on all that sweet American Cash Money; in Operation Bear Love Good, Cancer Bad Inman raised the target US$20,000 in the first hour; this time he doubled that to US$40K in the first 60 minutes, US$100K in 200 minutes, and (as of this writing) at just over 20 hours into the month-and-a-half campaign, has raised let’s just round up to US$400K.¹ At this rate, the target of US$850,000 will be achieved sometime before the weekend’s over, and Nikola Tesla will get his goddamn museum.

Oh, did I mention that he’s caught the eye (and a public pledge of support) from at least one actual billionaire? Also as a side note, it should be illegal for people as serially successful and innovating as Elon Musk to be younger than me. Hear that, Elon Musk? Stay the hell off my lawn!²

Anyway, we now have empirical evidence that every time Matthew Inman comes up with an Operation, he will double his first-hour fundraising total; if he can keep that record alive, in another dozen or so Operations we’ll be in the neighborhood of Operation Fix The National Debt.

¹ Actual number: US$399,436, which is within the margins of roundoff error.

² By which I mean, feel free to be on my lawn anytime you like, Mr Musk, it is totally okay. Have a pear off the tree if you like, you just have to fight the squirrels for it.

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