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Wednesday Quickies

Guys, an EMS call at zero-dark-thirty¹ has left me wiped and unable to form complex thoughts. Please enjoy these largely factual informational transferences.

  • I have been slack about keeping you up to date with the Recipe Comix series at Saveur magazine, for which I apologize. Go check out the most appetizing food + words + pictures this side of Get Jiro!, courtesy of Lucy Knisley (a food-oriented excerpt of a longer travelogue) and Marnie Galloway (a love letter to menudo).
  • Book release party for Skin Horse volume 3 in about three weeks time. Join Shaenon Garrity² and her mom for cupcakes, wine³, and assorted craziness. Saturday, 25 August at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, until either the books or the booze runs out.
  • In case you missed it: Meredith Gran’s Marceline and the Scream Queens #1 sold out and went to a second printing prior to release. Well done, Mer.
  • TCAF 2013 applications are now open; given that this is:
    • A curated show that
    • Has a great deal of demand for tables and
    • Limited space

    … there are priorities as to who gets a table. Don’t just fill out an application and figure you’ll get in, make a case for why you should be there. As showrunner Christopher Butcher puts it:

    Are you an artist? Do you have a professional bio? If not: you are killing me.

    I feel like an artist Bio should be written like a piece of reporting, essentially.

    Lead with the most important/current information, in one bite-sized chunk. Then order most-to-least important facts following.

    And, in response to one creator that couldn’t manage that:

    If you’re not proud enough of your comic to muster 5 sentences about it and your work on it, why are you making a comic? [no link, no need to call out the person Butcher was talking to]

  • Finally, congrats to Jeph Jacques on nine got-damn years of Questionable Content. We’re a long way from strip #1 and he’s got every reason to be proud of what he’s accomplished. Everybody feel good for Jeph.

¹ Actually 00:33, to be precise; took ’til nearly 02:00 to get back to bed.

² Funk Queen of All Lands Touched By The Northeastern Pacific Ocean, and one third of the Nexus of All Webcomics Realities Triumvirate.

³ Most likely from a box, given Garrity’s margin notes regarding her mom. Also, I’m guessing that being the mom of a Funk Queen make you one badass mother.

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