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Required Reading

Audience disintermediation, relying on the quality of work instead of being handed a break, controlling and owning your creations: Patton Oswalt was talking about comedy at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, but it’s equally applicable to individual creative endeavours like, oh, say [web]comics.

And because Oswalt is very, very smart and very, very thorough, he says it twice, for two different audiences: the creators and the publishers. This one is brief and non-optional, go read it now and start thinking how you can make good on his calls to action. As a bonus exercise, keep your eyes open for whichever publishers are the first to move in the direction that he calls for; they are going to succeed out of proportion to the stragglers, and will likely be the ones philosophically inclined to see creators as partners, not indentured employees.

Speaking of doing good work all over the place: Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson do a narrative comic, gallery art, books of all sort, and ________, not to mention working on a _______ for ________ that will make them goddamn superstars once it gets announced. And just for fun, they’re resuming the Capture Creatures series today, which I guess means that Becky decided that only painting 350 different things this year was an insufficient challenge, and let’s crank that sumbitch up to 500 or so.

Cool by me — I love these critters and the stories that accompany them. I’ve been really bad at predicting evolutions until now (having no personal experience of Pokemon), but if Vinopossum doesn’t evolve into something wine-related, I will be shocked.

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