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Let’s See If I Can Beat The Rush On I-95

For those of you outside the eastern seaboard of the United States, I-95 is a roadway with one purpose: to break people and their will to live. Some 450km of it lie between me and home.¹ Fun! Let’s keep this brief.

  • On t-shirtery and the design thereof, received wisdom shared with you by the very generous John Allison.
  • On achieving 867% of funding the goal for Trial of the Clone, and soliciting input for the next Zach Weinersmith-penned interactive story, which comes down to the eternal question: Good or Evil?
  • On the possibility that Aaron Diaz² just volunteered Danielle Corsetto, Anthony Clark, and Emmy Cicierega to publicly engage in The Hammer Dance, less than US$11000 need be raised over the course of ten more days. If they do this, you can be sure that Diaz’s parachute pants will be tweed and tailored to perfection by Duchess of Portland.
  • On those last two Kickstarters, note the relative generosity of updates: 20 days, 8 updates for a project that’s still fundraising, and 17 updates over one month (with progress-o-meter graphs!) for one that’s wrapped up, but not yet delivered the goods. These are good practices — frequently let everybody know what is happening with their money. It is incumbent on fundraisers to keep that line of communication open once things close, and there are those that do exactly that and they are to be commended.

    Others … not so much. Eighteen updates from launch to goal? Good. Ten weeks after goal before breaking radio silence? Not so good, Fat Cat Gameworks; nobody expected that you’d have product to ship the next day, but they need to hear that you aren’t just sitting around trying to figure out what to do next. If nothing else, figure out loud.

¹ That sound you just heard was Ms K. Brooke “Otter” Spangler, warming up to sing my funeral dirge, because she knows what kind of Destroyer Bitch-Goddess I-95 is … she knows and would rather see me dead than suffer its embrace.

² The Latin Art-Throb.

[…] Blurb on T-shirt design Found via: Fleen Original Source: A Hundred Dance Moves Per […]

[…] Blurb on T-shirt design Found via: Fleen Original Source: A Hundred Dance Moves Per […]

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