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Updates To Earlier Items Of Interest

Not sure if these are thorough enough to qualify as “followups”, but what’s terminology between friends?

  • Yesterday we mentioned that Meredith Gran and Ryan North will be doing a joint Adventure Time/Marceline signing at Little Island Comics in Toronto tomorrow. But we did not mention that the fun doesn’t stop there! Per Mr North:

    TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JULY 25th, 1-3 pm: Mer and I sign at Little Island Comics in Toronto and there’s an Adventure Time costume contest. And activities!! This one is for kids!

    TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JULY 25th, 6-6:45 pm: Mer and I do an Adventure Time presentation at The Central and do a Q+A!

    TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JULY 25th, 7 pm: There is a costume contest for adults that Mer and I judge!

    TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JULY 25th, 7:15-9 pm: The signing for adults happens at The Beguiling with Meredith and myself!

    The Central, for those wondering, is an emporium of adult happy-time beveragosity, and it is located approximately next door to The Beguiling. Little Island is behind The Beguiling; that is, the backs of the respective stores open on to Honest Ed’s Alley. Honest Ed is of course Ed Mirvish, legendary proprietor of Honest Ed’s Bargain Store, which should be familiar to anybody that’s read Scott Pilgrim. Should anybody find Gran or North in the vicinity crying like a newborn baby at the sheer horror of being alive, please contact the appropriate authorities.

    Also you guys — kids costume contest! That sounds more adorable than should be allowed under Canadian law.¹

  • It occurred to me recently that not everybody has obtained the fifth (and final) Starslip collection. If you are of the mind to scoff and note that all of the comics in the book can be obtained online, allow me to disabuse you of that notion, Mr or Ms Scoffs-a-Lot. For you see, the last Starslip comic isn’t. The last, that is. I mean, it’s still a Starslip comic, but it’s not really the last one, because the soon-to-be-generally-available Starslip: The Future Dies Tonight has an epilogue. I do not exaggerate when I say that those few extra panels were worth the price of purchase by themselves, which I will not spoil. I do, however, urge anybody with a fond spot for Starslip in their hearts to obtain the final volume as quickly as it goes on offer, because it really ties the whole strip together.

¹ Being on the metric system, things in Canada are already up to 2.54 times more adorable than in the United States. They’ve got all those fluffy white seal cubs, after all.

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