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Things To Do In The Tee-Oh

That’s what the cool kids call “Toronto”. It’s true, I have cool kids right here and they all say that.¹ Anyway, for those of you in the Greater Toronto Exurb, Meredith Gran would like you to know something:

I’m going to be in Toronto THIS WEEK doing a signing, and you ought to come by! I will be signing for my Adventure Time: Marceline & the Scream Queens series, though I will have a few Octopus Pie books to sign as well. And my awesome partner in guestitude is Dinosaur Comics/Adventure Time writer Ryan North²! Oh my glob!

So if you’re in Toronto on Wednesday the 25th (that would be the day after tomorrow), you want to be at Little Island Comics (the kids-comics spinoff of world-class comics shop The Beguiling), from 1:00 to 3:00pm. That’s not much time to see two people, so if I were you, I’d ris-vip at the Facebook event page. Tell Ryan and Mer I said, “Hi.” If I were going, I’d give Ryan the penny of T-Rex I got out of a penny squisher at the American Museum of Natural History (dinosaurs are on the fourth floor).

It seems that pert-near every time a major comics- or genre-type award decides to add a category for internet offerings, Girl Genius is going to get recognized³. This time it’s the Comics Buyers Guide, who have had a fan-driven award for three decades, and have just instituted a category for Favorite Webcomic. Per Girl Genius co-creator Phil Foglio:

All of the awards were nominated and voted upon by the readers of the Comics Buyers’ Guide, a venerable resource for the comics buying public that has been around since Christ was a carpenter. This year, the CBG grudgingly acknowledged that the internet, “while obviously a fad, is an extremely tenacious one, like that Poké–manga stuff.” and added the Webcomic category for the first time.

Despite the life–changing effects of winning this award, the Foglios have vowed to remain as humble and impoverished as they were yesterday, and would like to thank everyone who voted for them, and fully expect their assorted publishers to immediately take out lavish ads trumpeting this, their latest accomplishment. Yeah, that would be nice.

So that’s all right in the world of webcomics then. Enjoy your Monday.
¹ Also they tell me that they are swingin’ on the flippity-flop.

² Paragon of Giantly Virtue, Nexus of All … aw, heck, you know by now.

³ Exception: Jon Rosenberg’s Scenes From A Multiverse taking the first-ever NCS division award for online comics.

[…] we mentioned that Meredith Gran and Ryan North will be doing a joint Adventure Time/Marceline signing at Little Island Comics in Toronto tomorrow. But we did not mention that the fun doesn’t stop there! Per Mr North: […]

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