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Winding Down

Let’s finish out the week with some simple information transfers, shall we?

  • For those that missed the opportunity that pick up Red Robot Murder Dolls USB drives during the Diesel Sweeties Kickstarter¹, and neglected to attend SDCC and pick on up there, Rich Stevens has you covered. There are 3300+ pages of comics on these babies, making them possibly the largest e-book in history.
  • Some of you may know that, in addition to the tremendous success that Zach Weinersmith is having with his Kickstarter for a reader-driven adventure, but did you know that there are other readers-choice type books in the works? It’s true! One of them is by Ryan North², and he has been kind enough to give me an advance peek.

    He hasn’t publicly discussed most of the details of the book, so you don’t get a title, plot, or any particulars, but I will tell you the following:

    • Possible scores range from -1 out of 1000 points to 3400 megapoints to 50 billion decapoints
    • Your chosen identity will shift at points in the book, including one branch where your choices reflect upon the character so horribly that you aren’t allowed to be thon any more
    • If you choose particularly poorly, you will be dubbed a TURBOCHUMP
    • Unless I miss my guess, this is the first CYOA-type book where you can become the author Ryan North³ himself

    You guys, it is hell of rad.

  • Know who else is working on the interactive fiction beat? Chris Hastings, but that’s not what I want to bring him up today. Instead, I want to point out that Hastings has, I believe, achieved a webcomics first, in that he has had a species named after his creation. Ladies and gentlemen, the Dr McNinja bacteriophage.

¹ For those running Kickstarts, please note that as of today, Mr Stevens has posted a total of 37 updates to his project. This is how you do it.

² Giant among men, and Nexus of All [Web]comics Realities North of the Canadian Border.

³ Should you choose to become Ryan, you do not share in his giantness or nexality, except in the context of the book. Sorry.

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