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Sunday Recap

Yeah, I know, I said not to expect anything today, but I’ve got a few minutes to kill before dinner, so I get to tell you (as if you needed me to) that :01 Books are stellar people. I had the pleasure of meeting :01’s editor, Mark Siegel, and telling him what a great job he’s doing; he deflected all praise towards his staff, and was kind enough to gift me with advance copies of the new Zita the Spacegirl and his own Sailor Twain. It is now pretty much certain that I will not be getting any sleep on tomorrow’s flight home.

At some point, I still have to tell you about the Kickstarter panel that took place yesterday, various plans involving various creators that still need some fact-checking, and I want to write up some conversations I have with people that make Comic-Con happen, but don’t usually get any notice — door monitors, cops on crossing duty, booth babes, waitresses in the Gaslamp, convention center medics. I found them to be uniformly gracious, polite, and entirely appreciative of a crowd that might try that patience of the best of us. Watch for those in the next couple of days.

Sunday purchases: None, but given the two books noted above.

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