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Saturday Recap

Okay, look. It’s been a long day, a long week, and you got a mountain of text off of me yesterday morning, and you’ll get more on Tuesday. Monday evening, if Monday’s flight is particularly boring. Let’s do both of us a favor and keep this brief.

  • Saturday we heard that Dave Kellett and Dylan Meconis both lost out in their respective Eisner categories, booo.
  • Saturday I spent a fair bit of time talking with the always-smart Vijaya Iyer about the business of media in general and Kickstarter in particular. More on that later.
  • Saturday I happened to run into Raina Telgemeier at random on the floor, and she was kind enough to give me an advanced review copy of her latest graphic novel, the hotly-anticipated DRAMA. Understand, I’m primed and ready to read DRAMA, given how much I’ve loved Raina’s previous work, but each time I’ve talked with Scott McCloud, he’s let me know how this book is, quote, A game-changer. I suspect that as soon as I read it, I am going to be getting downright evangelical about DRAMA.
  • Saturday Scott & Kris announced their new Blamimation-style treatment of Mappy¹ for ShiftyLook. Rich Stevens announced that he’ll be running print versions of Diesel Sweeties material via Oni Press, as well as other projects as a writer.

Saturday purchases: RASL volume 4, given an ARC of DRAMA.

In the panel rooms today: Keenspot at 2:00, Axe Cop at 3:00.

¹ The mouse police.

With you on the job, I almost feel like I didn’t miss the vast majority of the convention. Thanks!
The link for Dylan Meconis is wrong, try instead.

Dangit, I meant to use Fixed.

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