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An Evenin’ Of Upliftin’ Frolic And Cavortment1

At the ShiftyLook party, I inadvertantly discovered the secret of TCAF’s success — at least, that wasn’t what I intended to do when I started the evening. The secret lies with showrunner Christopher Butcher, who has gathered to himself a collection of creators whose work is beyond reproach, and in turn they love and respect him … and then he declares they will all do shots.

Note to self: what Butcher refers to as a “shot” is known in some corners of the world as “a triple”.

Between Christopher and Jim Zub, every guest was well at-ease, liberally boozed up, and had at their disposal a wide variety of both classic and cutting-edge arcade machines. Zombies, ninjas, tanks, ghosts, aliens, whatever needed its ass kicked received its just rewards and the sort of play that only occurs when friends talk shit with each other continued well into the night.

It was a night where Frank Gibson and Dave McElfatrick traded stories about the weirdness of life in LA and the oddities of having Big Deal Famous People as fans. Brigid Alverson and I discussed the state of municipal Emergency Medical Services. Dave Kellett managed to soil an arcade machine, make it forever unclean in the eyes of righteous people². In other words, it was a hell of a party, and in the end we all learned something.

Namely, never accept shots from Chris Butcher without first checking the size of the glassware.
¹ No wind rushing down the plain, though.

² There was photography involved, and bare stomachs, and thank whatever deity you worship that your eyes were spared the horror. Horror, I tells ya!

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