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Navigating The Floor As The Sea Of People Builds

The Webcomics been very, very good to Jim Zubkavich; although he’s gotten a lot of good press for Skullkickers, that critical acclaim hasn’t translated into blockbuster sales of the monthlies or the trade collections. But since running old issues (one page a day, five days a week), trade sales have jumped, and he explained why:

I’m at a show and somebody says, “I love Skullkickers!”, so I ask them where they know if from, and it’s always online. So then I get to tell them, “Oh, we’re running pages from issue three online now … and we just released issue thirteen to stores.” Ten issues they haven’t seen, and there’s the trade collection sitting on the table and they have to have it.

Here’s hoping a lot of those online readers drop by the Image booth, Udon booth, or one of Zub’s five (!) panels and let him know how much they need those trades.

Preview Night purchases: Marceline and the Scream Queens 1, Drive 3, Starslip 5 (shiny cover), Skullkickers 15 (kitten cover); given a copy of the new edition Makeshift Miracle book 1.

In the panel rooms today: Karl Kerschl spotlight panel at 11:30.

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